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Interesting Facts about Indonesian Tourism, Widely Recognized by the World

Interesting Facts about Indonesian Tourism, Widely Recognized by the World


Indonesia has great tourism potential. It can be seen in Indonesia's tourism sector, which continues progressing and developing rapidly. The rapid development of the tourism sector is increasingly visible from the many achievements of Indonesia that are recognized globally. 

The achievements of Indonesia's tourism industry are the most beautiful gift to welcome the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 2023. In the future, this achievement could inspire the tourism sector to keep moving forward for a progressive Indonesia.

It is unfortunate if Sobat Parekraf does not know Indonesian tourism well in this independence month. So it's a good idea if you learn about Indonesian tourism. Here are some interesting facts about Indonesian tourism:

Indonesia is the friendliest country

The reason why many foreign tourists feel at home while vacationing in Indonesia is not only because they are amazed by the beauty of natural tourist destinations, but also because of the friendly attitude in welcoming the tourists. Based on Internations' Expat Insider 2022 survey, Indonesia is one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Being chosen as one of the friendliest countries in the world makes sense. As we know, in Indonesia, a culture of smiling and greeting is still very much present in every community.

Indonesia has many best dive sites 

When it comes to natural beauty, Indonesia is the champion. Indonesia is not only surrounded by mountains and hills, it also has some of the world's best underwater scenery. It's no wonder that Indonesia's underwater is called a diving paradise.

Many dive sites in Indonesia have been recognized worldwide, such as Misool Island, Raja Ampat. A paradise located in eastern Indonesia has one-third of the world's coral. That's why we can find much marine life under the sea of Misool Island, such as various types of ornamental fish, turtles, sharks, and coral reefs. 

In addition, many dive sites in Indonesia are recognized worldwide and targeted by foreign tourists, including Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi; Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi; and Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan.

World surfing spots

Another interesting fact is that Indonesia is one of the world's surfing spots. Apart from having a lot of challenging surfing spots, Indonesia's surf spots often host international surfing championships.

One surf spot in Indonesia, often used as a sports tourism destination for adrenaline, is Plengkung Beach or G-Land Banyuwangi. The challenge that always makes surfers addicted is the rolling waves that reach 6-8 meters in G-land Banyuwangi.

If you want something more challenging, visit Suluban Beach in Bali, Sorake Beach in Nias, Tanjung Setia Beach in Lampung, or Nihiwatu Island in West Sumba.

Photo: One of the surfing spots in Bali (Shutterstock/William.Visuals)

Ubud, Perfect for Healing

Aside from having the best adrenaline-pumping sports tourism destinations, Indonesia has the best places to heal. One of them is the Ubud area, Bali, as a mainstay healing place for tourists who need refreshment of their minds.

Ubud has many tourist attractions suitable for healing, including Tegalalang Terraces. This tourist spot is 600 meters above sea level and offers a view of green rice terraces. Besides refreshing the eyes, the beautiful atmosphere of Ubud helps to calm the mind and "erase" the burden on the shoulders.

Bali has become the best destination

Another amazing fact about Indonesian tourism is that Bali has become one of the world's most popular destinations. In the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award for Destinations, Bali was named the second most popular destination in the world in 2023, ahead of London and Paris.

Amazingly, according to a French travel and tourism operator Club Med survey, Bali was named The World's Happiest Holiday Destination in 2022. The award proves Bali is the best destination for happy, stress-free vacations.

Those are 5 facts about Indonesian tourism that Sobat Parekraf must know. You must be very proud, right?

Cover: The beauty of nature in Ubud Bali (Shutterstock/Cheryl/Ramalho)

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